Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zaid Hamid is a Fraud Par Excellence - 8

Rafi Bhatti wrote:

You should not have discredited Mr Zaid Hamid's views on the basis of his religious beliefs. We have no right either to kill a person like YUSUF ALI who proclaims himself as a messenger of God.

Dear Bhatti Sahab,

Sir, just go through the message of this War Monger Zaid after my message and you would know that he is implying "Killing Ordinary Pakistanis is wrong". Shall we define his deviant statement that Killing Ordinary Non-Muslim is justified if yes, then where are the proof from Quran and Hadith. I have listened and watched Zaid Hamid's bunkum quoting Weak Hadith rather misquoting Quranic Text out of context and then he talk about Islam. Either he should talk about Pragmatic and Practical Politics free from any kind of Scripture [Then I will accept Zaid every lecture as reveleation - Wahy] but when he talk about Islam he must be very clear.

I wonder what does Pakistan Penal Code and Pakistan 1973 Constitution say about Apostate and Apostasy?

What happened with Late. Mirza Yousuf Ali was wrong absolutely wrong and clear violation of the law of the land, no person has the right to punish anybody [even for apostasy] because it is against Islam as well. Right to administer Punishment is the Right of the State. This rampantly Deviant Zaid Hamid talk of Genuine and Humble Taliban and Afghan Mujahideen [while completely forgetting their bloodletting against each other and believe me Mr Zaid cannot provide a single from Quran to justify that] Can he justify the way Afghan Taliban executed President Najibullah and his brother in Afghanistan [for your information Taliban cut down their Reproductive Organ and inserted those in the mouths of both the dead bodies] This is the clear violation of Quran and Hadith which Zaid Hamid claims to follow.

The Anti Shia sub-groups of these very Talibans mercilessly butcher member of Shia community in Pakistan, can Zaid Hamid justify those killing? His favourite Afghan Taliban ruthlessly butchered Hazara Shias in Mazar-e-Sharif and after all these years now Mr Zaid realizes that Pakistani Talibans are CIA agent. My firm belief is that when you ignite fire somewhere it always reaches you and burn you down as well.

Dear Bhatti Sahab,

Now read the Fascism of Zaid Hamid in his own letter:

PakNationalists wrote:

We have been saying for a long time now that the so-called ‘Pakistani Taliban’ is a group of criminals and not Mujahideen and their agenda is suspicious. These exclusive pictures, released by BRASSTACKS today, provide the proof. This is the Nowshera boy who was arrested before he could pull the trigger on his suicide jacket. A poor 15-year-old. His masters, people like Baitullah Mehsud, are using Pakistani children to kill ordinary Pakistanis and to spread chaos. What Muslim or Pakistani would do this? Why do Pakistani government authorities not bring these people on television so that we could ask them: How did they take you away from your parents? How did they tell you to pull the trigger and you will be immediately taken by Angels to Heavens? What are the training camps you attend? Who are these people? How can they have so much money to spend? How do they terrorize the poor tribal Pakistanis and hold them hostage with their shiny new weapons and scary hoods that hide their faces? How can we know that suspicious foreign players are not part of this game? Anyone can play this game. All you need to fool our people is a lot of money, local contacts, the ability to speak Pashto/Urdu and good knowledge of Islam. It is called ‘Special Operations’.

Zaid Hamid

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