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Quraanists / Hadith Rejectors - 5

Mubashir Inayet wrote:

Mr. Aamir

Below is a small sample of history and ahadees being used by Islam's critics. Sorry, they are offensive so be warned. Belief based solely on hearsay is much more "colourful" therefore hard to divorce!! If Allah chose to ommit some historical names in His Word, why should it matter? Perhaps the lesson is more important than names? This hearsay belief is causing a havoc on websites like faithfreedom. org. It is being used by fanatical Hindus (along with references to books) to ridicule and abuse Islam.They are hitting Muslims on the head with their own stones that they love so dearly. Pay a visit to http://www.faithfreedom.org/ and find out Mr. Aamir. Take the challenge from Ali Sina who is offering $50,000 to prove him wrong that Islam is a false religion. Guess what?? His main ammunation is ahadees material first and then the Qur'an (not the other way round). Go visit and be prepared, Sir for the shock of your life.


Dear Mubashir Sahab,

What about these alleged 'Vulgar and Expilicit Verses' in Quran when the main objection of Faithfreedom on Hadith is that Hadith is Vulgar and carry Sexual Perversion. You should discard not you but Allah should have discarded these Verses from Quran because Allah is more decent and honourable than all of us but He didn't. Why? Ask him! I would prefer a job of Pimping and selling liquor if i would given a choice to accept money from faithfreedom or to adopt the two profession mentioned by me. It was this webstie and two other website [if you have remember my post to Irfan Sahab] which i myself had suggested to Irfan Sahab. By the way two years ago I already had sent you my version of Hazrat Ayesh's Age with a detailed research. You say that the website use Hadith to insult Islam [that is your logic to quit following Hadith and adopt Quran only], the website also use Quranic Verses to Insult Islam [shall we quit Quran as well]. Dear Mubashir Sahab, If the criteria for you regarding Islam is www.faithfreedom.org then May Allah help us all. You and Mr. Irfan should accept challenge from Ali Sina and defend Quran which is condemned by the website.


Quran’s Teachings:

Stop Islam. Stop this insanity. Save the world.


To proceed for replying your objection on the so-called Vulgar and Explicit Hadith:

If a Political Maulvi like Ubaidullah Sindhi couldn't teach Bukhari because of certain 'explicit Hadiths' [as per him but he was and is not Hujjat - Proof] then why didn't he feel any shame while teaching Quranic Verse like these, which are quite explicit and Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi should have discarded these verses from Quran due to Maulana Illogical and absurd shame.

وَمَرْيَمَ ابْنَتَ عِمْرَانَ الَّتِي أَحْصَنَتْ فَرْجَهَا فَنَفَخْنَا فِيهِ مِن رُّوحِنَا وَصَدَّقَتْ بِكَلِمَاتِ رَبِّهَا وَكُتُبِهِ وَكَانَتْ مِنَ الْقَانِتِينَ

[AT-TAHRIM (BANNING, PROHIBITION) Chapter 66 - Verse 12]

Arabic Word in the verse: Farjaha or Farj means Vagina [should I say it in Chaste Urdu]

Wamaryama ibnata AAimrana allatee ahsanat farjaha fanafakhna feehi min roohina wasaddaqat bikalimati rabbiha wakutubihi wakanat mina alqaniteena

Interpretation of the meaning:

And Mary, daughter of 'Imran, whose body was chaste, therefor We breathed therein something of Our Spirit. And she put faith in the words of her Lord and His scriptures, and was of the obedient.

وَالَّتِي أَحْصَنَتْ فَرْجَهَا فَنَفَخْنَا فِيهَا مِن رُّوحِنَا وَجَعَلْنَاهَا وَابْنَهَا آيَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ

AL-ANBIYA (THE PROPHETS) Chapter 21 - Verse 91]

Arabic Word in the verse: Farjaha or Farj means Vagina [should I say it in Chaste Urdu]

Waallatee ahsanat farjaha fanafakhna feeha min roohina wajaAAalnaha waibnaha ayatan lilAAalameena

Interpretation of the meaning:

And she who was chaste, therefor We breathed into her (something) of Our Spirit and made her and her son a token for (all) peoples.

قَالَتْ أَنَّى يَكُونُ لِي غُلَامٌ وَلَمْ يَمْسَسْنِي بَشَرٌ وَلَمْ أَكُ بَغِيًّا

[MARYAM (MARY) Chapter 19 - Verse 20]

How would you define the touching by a man? What kind of a touch makes woman pregnant? Please define or would you prefer silence because of the shame like Ubaidullah Sindhi!

Qalat anna yakoonu lee ghulamun walam yamsasnee basharun walam aku baghiyyan

Interpretation of the meaning:

She said: How can I have a son when no mortal hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste?

قَالَتْ رَبِّ أَنَّى يَكُونُ لِي وَلَدٌ وَلَمْ يَمْسَسْنِي بَشَرٌ قَالَ كَذَلِكِ اللّهُ يَخْلُقُ مَا يَشَاء إِذَا قَضَى أَمْرًا فَإِنَّمَا يَقُولُ لَهُ كُن فَيَكُونُ


Qalat rabbi anna yakoonu lee waladun walam yamsasnee basharun qala kathaliki Allahu yakhluqu ma yashao itha qada amran fainnama yaqoolu lahu kun fayakoonu

Dear Sir, What kind of a Man's Touch makes women pregnant? Wouldn't we explain this just because of Ubaidullah Sindhi's type of shame!

Interpretation of the meaning:

She said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (it will be). Allah createth what He will. If He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.

وَرَبَائِبُكُمُ اللاَّتِي فِي حُجُورِكُم مِّن نِّسَآئِكُمُ اللاَّتِي دَخَلْتُم بِهِنَّ فَإِن لَّمْ تَكُونُواْ دَخَلْتُم بِهِنَّ فَلاَ جُنَاحَ عَلَيْكُمْ

[AN-NISA (WOMEN) Chapter 4 - Verse 23]

Would Ubaidullah Sindhi's shame stop us to define even the Explicit Quranic Verses?

warabaibukumu allatee fee hujoorikum min nisaikumu allatee dakhaltum bihinna fain lam takoonoo dakhaltum bihinna fala junaha AAalaykum

Interpretation of the meaning:

Forbidden unto you are your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your father's sisters, and your mother's sisters, and your brother's daughters and your sister's daughters, and your foster-mothers, and your foster-sisters, and your mothers-in-law, and your step-daughters who are under your protection (born) of your women unto whom ye have gone in - but if ye have not gone in unto them, then it is no sin for you (to marry their daughters) - and the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins. And (it is forbidden unto you) that ye should have two sisters together, except what hath already happened (of that nature) in the past. Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

نِسَآؤُكُمْ حَرْثٌ لَّكُمْ فَأْتُواْ حَرْثَكُمْ أَنَّى شِئْتُمْ وَقَدِّمُواْ لأَنفُسِكُمْ وَاتَّقُواْ اللّهَ وَاعْلَمُواْ أَنَّكُم مُّلاَقُوهُ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

[AL-BAQARA (THE COW) Chapter 2 - Verse 223]

If we would have to rely on Mullah Ubaidullah Sindhi's so-called Shame then every men would have turned his wife into a catamite. Hadith regarding this verse explains that Intercourse with wife is only allowed in Vagina means Anal Sex is unlawful and forbidden [Strictly Haraam] even with one's wife what to talk of male.

Nisaokum harthun lakum fatoo harthakum anna shitum waqaddimoo lianfusikum waittaqoo Allaha waiAAlamoo annakum mulaqoohu wabashshiri almumineena

Interpretation of the meaning:

Your women are a tilth for you so go to your tilth as ye will, and send (good deeds) before you for your souls, and fear Allah, and know that ye will (one day) meet Him. Give glad tidings to believers, (O Muhammad).

أَلَمْ يَكُ نُطْفَةً مِّن مَّنِيٍّ يُمْنَى


Alam yaku nutfatan min manayyin yumna

Arabic Mani means Sperm [in chaste Urdu Mada Manwiya and to make it thick [Garha] for which these Indo Pak Mullah would sell their soul to get Kushta/Tilla - aphrodisiac] but AH! their so-called shame. Allah is discussing it and these Shameless Mullah [Bayghairat] avoiding the discussion.

Interpretation of the meaning:

Was he not a drop of fluid which gushed forth?

وَأَنَّهُ خَلَقَ الزَّوْجَيْنِ الذَّكَرَ وَالْأُنثَى

Waannahu khalaqa alzzawjayni alththakara waalontha

مِن نُّطْفَةٍ إِذَا تُمْنَى

Min nutfatin itha tumna

[AN-NAJM (THE STAR) Chapter 53 - Verse 45 and 46]

Now where has gone the shame of Obaidullah Sindhi? What is being discussed here if not the Intercourse between Man and Woman and word Sperm i.e. Nutfa in Arabic is in the Quranic Verse and men emit Sperm through Penis [Should I use chaste Urdu]

Interpretation of the meaning:

And that He createth the two spouses, the male and the female, From a drop (of seed) when it is poured forth;

أَفَرَأَيْتُم مَّا تُمْنُونَ

Afaraaytum ma tumnoona

أَأَنتُمْ تَخْلُقُونَهُ أَمْ نَحْنُ الْخَالِقُونَ

Aantum takhluqoonahu am nahnu alkhaliqoona

AL-WAQIA (THE EVENT, THE INEVITABLE) Chapter 56 - Verse 58 and 59]

Have ye seen that which ye emit? Do ye create it or are We the Creator?

وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ لِفُرُوجِهِمْ حَافِظُونَ

Waallatheena hum lifuroojihim hafithoona

إِلَّا عَلَى أَزْوَاجِهِمْ أَوْ مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُهُمْ فَإِنَّهُمْ غَيْرُ مَلُومِينَ

Illa AAala azwajihim aw ma malakat aymanuhum fainnahum ghayru maloomeena

Again Furooj [Vagina] is used in Quranic Verse! I wonder how the women protect their Vagina [Furooj]?

Interpretation of the meaning:

And those who preserve their chastity Save with their wives and those whom their right hands possess, for thus they are not blameworthy;

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