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Judiciary in Pakistan - 5

Persons who deserve to be the President of Pakistan i.e. Justice Retd. Nasir Aslam Zahid and Justice Retd. Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and if you want to ask about the most sincere and genuine person [even more genuine than CJ Iftikhar M Chaudhary] in Restore Judiciary Movement then it would be one and only Mr Justice Tariq Mehmood, I wish he becomes the President or CJ of Pakistan. He was the one who said NO to General Musharraf's Rampant Military Regime when the Regime was very young and Ruthless i.e. in 2002.

Aitzaz is a Fraud!

Ahsan is almost recklessly outspoken about P.P.P. leaders, even though they are his own political patrons. He speaks admiringly of Benazir Bhutto's courage and steadfastness but also points out with disdain that she viewed herself as the P.P.P.'s "life chairperson. " And he does not bother to conceal his dim view of Zardari. In the car, as we drove back through the night to Lahore, I asked him how many of the allegations of corruption he believed were justified. "Most of them," Ahsan said, after a moment's reflection. "The type of expenses that she had and he has are not from sources of income that can be lawfully explained and accounted for."

If that is so then what the hell Mr Aitzaz Ahsan was doing in the Cabinet of Late. Ms Benazir Bhutto and that too as a Federal Interior Minister [1988-1990]. Since you have highlighted a single paragraph of the New York Times Article only because of Asif Ali Zardari. I will quote the weekly Time paragraph only because of Aitzaz Ahsan.

The price of loyalty

July 18, 2004 [Courtesy Daily Dawn Magazine]

WITH reference to Ms Anjum Niaz’s piece The price of loyalty (June 20), after topping the CSS examination held in 1970, Aitzaz Ahsan did not join the service. This he did to demonstrate his competence, capability and intelligence. His action of topping and not joining the elite service impressed Z.A. Bhutto who wanted young people to join his party.

When Chaudhry Anwar Samma, a PPP MPA from Gujrat, was murdered in March 1975, Aitzaz Ahsan was elected, ‘un-opposed’ to the Punjab Assembly and inducted in the provincial cabinet. He was given the portfolio of information, planning and development.

But the more interesting fact is that the ‘Chaudhry from Gujrat’ left the party at the most crucial time. When the PNA staged demonstrations against PPP government in 1977, on the allegation that elections had been rigged, Aitzaz was third to leave the party; the first being Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan, followed by Sardar Ahmad Ali, father of Sardar Assef Ahmad Ali, a former foreign minister.

One can understand the betrayal by Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan and Sardar Ahmad Ali, as both had joined PPP from Muslim League. Changing loyalties by Muslim Leaguers, at the behest of the establishment, had started immediately after Partition and still persists. Formation of the Republican Party is a classic example. But Aitzaz was one, whom Z.A. Bhutto had brought from oblivion to limelight, from an upcoming advocate to a provincial minister, thus his action was absolutely unjustified. Maybe he had information that the establishment had written off Z.A. Bhutto from the politics of the country. So when he left the party, he practically supported the cause of the PNA.

He remained dissociated with the party, till Bhutto was hanged. Later when he wanted to join the party, Begum Nusrat Bhutto, chairperson of the PPP, refused to accept him, asking him to beg pardon from late Z.A. Bhutto, whom he had betrayed.

Afterwards he crept in the party through his professional services to the PPP and managed forgiveness via Benazir Bhutto. I have written these lines to put the record straight. HAFEEZ AKHTAR Lahore

Who, moi? Misbehave? By Anjum Niaz

June 10, 2007 [Courtesy Daily Dawn]

Twenty one-year-old Christina Lamb, correspondent for London’s Financial Times, was wined and dined by BB’s ministers and treated like a princess. A military supremo fancied her to the extent of confiding to his ‘flame’ of an aborted coup. Next day the FT flashed its banner with the ‘scoop’ hotly denied by Pakistan. The FT had to retract and the delectable Ms Lamb never forgot the humiliation. When she returned to London, she wrote the book Waiting for Allah – Pakistan’s Struggle for Democracy. In it, she attacked fiercely BB’s then interior minister Aitzaz Ahsan, accusing him of trying to seduce her. She went to town, exposing lecherous politicians, civil and military officers, holding high ranks, wanting sexual favours in return for classified information.

Pakistan The Undoing of Benazir,9171,969271-1,00.html

Even then, the government could still have performed if Bhutto had chosen her Cabinet well. But she has shown little ability to pick talented -- not to say honest -- ministers. Important decisions often catch Bhutto by surprise, like Interior Minister Aitzaz Ahsan's move to harass and expel Christina Lamb, a British correspondent who wrote a controversial story about army officers plotting a coup that was embarrassing to the minister. Corruption scandals hit the papers almost daily, but Bhutto insists that the reports are mainly opposition propaganda, especially the attacks on her family. But one of her closest advisers is worried that the allegations are starting to stick. Says he: "If anything takes us down, it will be this perception of corruption and indecision."

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