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Un-Islamic Extra-Judicial Killings.

It is entirely a different debate whether MQM {Ethnic Party of Southern Province Sindh, Pakistan and partenr of Musharraf Military Govt}is Fascist party, Terrorist Party, Extortionist group, simply a mob to be precise Mafia, and any other bad name you want to give the group. It is also a different debate that MQM is a back stabber {back stabbed PPP in 1989}.

The MQM leadership is least bothered that it is their own voters who are suffering due to their petty politics, the MQM is doing the same what the Jamat-e-Islami did right from 1947 to 1986 and it cost JI much. On Oct 31 2004 Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz assured families of the 28 missing supporters of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement that his government would make every possible effort to locate the missing people. The prime minister expressed his serious concern over the situation and noted that these people could not be located for a decade together. "I realize that the absence of a family member, especially a male one, creates a great vacuum in the family. It is really agonising when a loved one goes missing and the family fails to get any information about the person's whereabouts," he said. "The history cannot be changed," he remarked, and added that the government, however, would certainly make efforts to locate the missing people. They complained that for the past eight years, they had been appealing to different quarters for help in locating them, but to no avail. They complained that no action had been taken again the police officials involved in the affair although eyewitnesses were there. Instead of punishment, such officials got promotions, they regretted. They recalled that in 1997, due to the efforts of the then army chief Gen Jehangir Karamat, lives of four other arrested people had been saved. However, they added, the matter had been pushed into dormant alleys. The adjutant general of the army had termed it 'a sensitive matter'.

Maj Gen (R) Naseerullah Khan Babar with Dr. Shahid Masood - 1 (GEO TV 13 Apr 2008)


Maj Gen (R) Naseerullah Khan Babar with Dr. Shahid Masood - 2 (GEO TV 13 Apr 2008)


Maj Gen (R) Naseerullah Khan Babar with Dr. Shahid Masood - 3 (GEO TV 13 Apr 2008)


The words and contents of Police Press releases and Govt. News agencies were taken as a cardinal truth particularly in the case of Extra judicial Encounters rather fake encounters in respect of MQM activists, the authorities after annihilating any such political activist used to declare them Hardcore Terrorist. Nobody asked any questions about the claims regarding MQM activists {some of them carried head money like nowadays suspects of Jihadi Activists} . It is very simple if somebody is a terrorists then he or she may be produced in the court of law to be prosecuted properly and his or her cases be analyzed threadbare as to how they are Terrorists? Declaring somebody Terrorist is no nonsense issue, it's really a serious matter.

Let see how these Extra judicial Killing, Camera Trial, Summary Military Courts, Habeas Corpus media Trials, Unlawful Entry, False Witnesses for desired conviction from courts and other such repressive measures are Anti-Justice even if the accused are worst offenders:


a- O ye who believe! Be ye staunch in justice, witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or (your) parents or (your) kindred, whether (the case be of) a rich man or a poor man, for Allah is nearer unto both (than ye are). So follow not passion lest ye lapse (from truth) and if ye lapse or fall away, then lo! Allah is ever Informed of what ye do {Women-IV (Soorah Al-Nisa) Verse 135}.

b- O my people! Give full measure and full weight in justice, and wrong not people in respect of their goods. And do not evil in the earth, causing corruption. {Hud-XI (Soorah Hud) Verse 85}.


a- Lo! Cospiracy is only of the devil, that he may vex those who believe; but he can harm them not at all unless by Allah's leave. In Allah let believers put their trust. {She That Disputeth LVII (Soora Al-Mujadila) Verse 10 and 11}.

b- "With hearts preoccupied. And they confer in secrets". {The Prophets XXI (Soora Al-Anbia) Verse 3}.

c- "There is no good in much of their secret conferences save (in) him who enjoineth almsgiving and kindness and peace-making among the people.{Women IV (Soora Al-Nisa) Verse 114).


a- O ye who believe! Let not a folk deride a folk who may be better than they (are), nor let women (deride) women who may be better than they are; neither defame one another by nicknames. Bad is the name of lewdness after faith. And whoso turneth not in repentance, such are evildoers. {Private Apartments XLIX (Soora Al-Hujrat) Verse 11).

b- O ye who believe! Shun much suspicion ; for lo! some suspicion is a crime. And spy not, neither back bite one another. Would one of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Ye abhor that (so abhor the other)! And keep your duty (to Allah). Lo! Allah is relenting and Merciful.{Private Apartments XLIX (Soora Al-Hujrat) Verse 12).


a- O ye who believe! Enter not houses other than your own without first announcing your presence and invoking peace upon the folk thereof. That is better for you, that ye may be heedful. {Light XXIV (Soora Al-Noor) Verse 27}.


a- O ye who believe! If an evil-liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent what ye did {Private Apartments XLIX (Soora Al-Hujrat) Verse 6).

b- (O man), follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge. Lo! The hearing and the sight and the heart- of each of these it will be asked. {Children of Israel XVII (Soora Bani Israel) Verse 36}.

c- Lo! Allah commandeth you that ye restore deposits to their owners, and, if ye judge between mankind, that ye judge justly. Lo! Allah is ever Hearer, Seer {Women - IV (Soora Al-Nisa) Verse 58}.

d- O ye who believe! Be steadfast witnesses for Allah in equity, and let not hatred of any people seduce you that ye deal not justly. Deal justly, that is nearer to your duty. Observe your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is informed of what ye do {The Table Spread V (Soora Al-Maida) Verse 8}.

e- And those who accuse honorable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterwards) accept their testimony. They indeed are evil doers {Light - XXIV (Soora Al-Noor) Verse 4}.

Holy Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} said: He who misappropriates the right of a Muslim by taking a false oath, Allah will make the fire of Hell expatiate for him and will declare Paradise forbidden for him. A person said to him: Messenger of Allah, even if it is something insignificant? He {PBUH} replied: Yes, even if it is the twig of the Arakk tree. {Muslim}


1- Holy Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} said: A woman was tormented because of a cat, which she had confined until it died and she had to get to Hell. She did not allow it either to eat or drink as it was confined nor did she free it so that it might eat the insects of the earth. {Muslim}.

Note: Keep in mind that above Hadith is about a cat and what our State do with innocent citizens in the name of Interrogations must be reviewed rather this whole method be dumped. Human Life is far superior than Cat and Hazrat Omer {RA} declared that life of a Muslim is sacred than Holy Kaaba. All those who were persecuted in Pakistan were Muslims but Mullahs and their Decree Issuing tongues were tied before 9/11.

2- Ibn Umar {RA} reported that he happened to pass by some young men of the Quraish who had tied a bird at which they have been shooting arrows. Every arrow that they missed came into the possession the owner of the bird. No sooner did they see Ibn Umer {RA} they went away. Thereupon Ibn Umer {RA} said: Who has done this? Allah has cursed him who does so? Verily, Holy Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} invokes curse upon one who makes a living thing the target (of one's marksmanship). {Agreed Upon Hadith}.

3- Abu Masud {RA} reported: I was beating my slave with a whip when I heard a voice behind me. It was: Abu Masud, bear in mind. I did not recognize the voice due to intense anger. Abu Masud reported: As he came near me, I found that he was the Messanger of Allah {PBUH} who was saying: Bear in mind, Abu Masud, bear in mind Abu Masud. Abu Masud said: I threw the whip from my hand. There upon he {PBUH} said: Bear in mind, Abu Masud: Verily Allah has more dominance upon you than you have upon your slave. Then I said: I would never beat my servant in future. {Muslim}.


a- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: The people before went astray and were ruined because if a noble person committed theft, they used to leave him but if a weak person among them committed theft, they used to inflict the legal punishment on him. By Allah, if Fatima, the daughter of Mohammad, committed theft, I will cut off her hand. (Agreed upon Hadith).

b- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: If Allah appointed anyone of you rules over a people and he died when he was still treacherous to his people, Allah would forbid his entry into Paradise. {Bukhari and Muslim}.

c- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: He who doesnot look after his subjects with goodwill sincerity will be deprived of the fragrance of Paradise. {Ref}.

d- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: A ruler who having control over the affairs of the Muslims, doesnot strive diligently for their betterment and does not serve them sincerely, will not enter Paradise with them. {Ref}.

e- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: Allah, when one who is appointed as a ruler over my people troubles them, you should trouble him also and when he adopts a gentle attitude towards them, you should show mercy to him. {Muslim}.

f- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: Fulfil the covenant of allegiance which is sworn first (then swear allegiance to the others). Conced to them their due rights and ask Allah for that which is due to you. Allah will call them to account in respect of the subjects whom He had entrusted them. {Bukhari and Muslim}.

g- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: If Allah invites some one with administration over the Muslims and he shows negligence towards fulfilling their needs and objects and removal of property, He will act in a similar way on the Day of Judgement. {Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi}.

h- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: The best of your rulers are those whom you love and who love you, who invoke Allah's blessing upon you and you invoke His blessings upon them. The worst of your rulers are those whom you hate and who hate you and whom you curse and who curse you. It was asked (by those who were present): Should not we overthrow them with the help of sword. He said: No, as long as they establish prayer among you. {Muslim}.

i- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: It is obligatory upon a Muslim that he should listen (to the ruler) and obey whether he likes it or not except when he is ordered to do a sinful thing, in such case there is no obligation to listen or to obey. {Agreed Upon Hadith}.

j- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: Do not long for position of authority. If you are granted this position without asking for it you will be helped in discharging its responsibilities, but if you are given it as a result of your requesting for it, you will be left alone as its captive. If you take an oath to do a thing and then find a better alternative, you should adopt the latter and expiate your oath. {Agreed Upon Hadith}.

k- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to Abu Zarr (RA): Abu Zarr, I find you weak and I desire for you what I desire for myself. Do not rule over (even) two persons and do not manage an orphan's property. {Muslim}.

l- Abu Zarr (RA) said to The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH): Why do you not appoint me a collector? He (PBUH) patted me on the shoulder and with his hand and said: Abu Zarr, you are a weak man and it is a trust and it will be a cause of disgrace and repentance on the Day of Resurrection except for one who takes it up with a full sense of responsibility and fulfils what is entrusted to him (discharge its obligations efficiently). {Muslim}.

m- The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to Abu Huraira (RA): You will be greedy for getting a position of authority, but remember that it will be a cause of humiliation and repentance on the Day of Resurrection. {Bukhari}.

n- Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari (RA) said to The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH): Messenger of Allah, appoint me governor of some land over which Allah gave you ruling authority. The other also requested for something to the same effect. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: By Allah, do not appoint against this post anyone who seeks it and is greedy for it. {Agreed Upon Hadith}.

o- When Hazrat ABU ZAR (RA) requested the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for appointment to a public office, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)said, "public office is a trust, a source of lamentation and remorse on the Day of Judgement".{Muslim}.

p- "To treat people equally in your presence in your company and in your decisions so that the weak despair not of justice and the strong have no hope of favour". {Hazrat Omer (RA)'s advisory note to Koofa (Iraq)'s Governor}.

Read an interesting article below

Legitimizing the extra-judicial killings PAK TRIBUNE REPORT Tuesday November 01, 2005 (1208 PST)

It may be surprising for others but not for Pakistanis that an elected prime minister could be ousted, jailed and even hanged on the charges of extra-judicial killings, but the real people behind it always remain untouchables no matter if political parties or army rule the country. Who are these untouchables? Of course, the police, the state`s one of the most lethal and cruel tools.

On November 6, 1996, the then Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, led by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was dismissed by the former President, Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari on the charges of corruption, misuse of authority, and most importantly, the extra-judicial killings in Karachi during 1994 to 1996. Hundreds of people, mostly political activists belonging to the Muttehida Quami Movement (MQM), a major coalition partner in incumbent federal and provincial governments. The MQM claims that thousands of its activists were killed in fake police encounters since June 19, 1992 to October 12, 1999 in the successive governments of Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and again Nawaz Sharif.

The MQM blames the late Chief of Army Staff, General Asif Nawaz for the army action and extra-judicial murders of its workers in Karachi, Hyderabad, and other urban areas of Sindh. The alleged army action was commenced on June 19, 1992 when the MQM had been in power both in the center and the province. A majority of MQM leaders, including ministers, MNAs and MPAs had gone underground to avoid raids and arrests. The MQM Chief Altaf Hussein had left for London much before the operation started where he had applied for political assylum, and has recently got the UK citizenship. Hundreds (MQM claims thousands) of workers were arrested by the law enforcing agencies, while Brigadier Haroon of Pakistan Army claimed to have recovered huge cache of weapons, tools used for torture and maps of Jinnahpur(a seprate homeland for Mohajirs) from the alleged torture cells run by the MQM in different parts of Karachi and Hyderabad. The MQM alleges that thousands of its workers had been brutally tortured and killed by the law enforcing agencies ( army, rangers and police) during Karachi operation, and generally, the police were used for that. The government of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was dismissed by former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1993, but operation against MQM continued. In the wake of general elections in 1993, former Premier Benazir Bhutto came into power for the second time. Surprisingly, the MQM which had been lambasting Nawaz Sharif for operation against its workers, made adjustments with the PML(N) in provincial assembly elections in Karachi, Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas in 1993. The MQM`s checkered politics took another dramatic turn when it had decided to support Farooq Ahmed Leghari, the PPP`s candidate for the post of president thus helping him have an easy entry to the president house in 1993 president election. However, the relations between the PPP and the MQM had gone bitter in the end of 1993 when the latter blamed the former for violating the agreement struck between the two parties on the eve of president election. Whereas, the PPP had started to blame the MQM for unleashing and patronizing terrorism in the city The spree of extra-judicial murders reached at its zenith in 1994 when the then Interior Minister, and a former army general, Major General Naseerullah Khan Babar took the reigns of alleged operation in his hand. From1994 to 1996 (till the ouster of Ms Bhutto`s second government), the MQM had intended to nominate Mr Babar in almost all the FIRs in connection with extra-judicial killings of its activists, which understandably could not be done as the police had refused to register FIR against the former interior minister. Mr Babar had imported a police officer Shoaib Saddal from Islamabad as DIG Karachi in 1995 who later was indicted in the extra-judicial murder of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, the younger brother of Benazir Bhutto and chief of its own faction, the PPP(Shaheed Bhutto). Murtaza Bhutto was killed in a police encounter on September 20, 1996 just a few steps away from his 70 Clifton residence.

During Karachi operation, several police officers had not merely earned popularity for their involvement in extra-judicial killings but also got promotions for killing the political activists in fake encounters. SHO New Karachi Police Station, Inspector Bahadur Ali had emerged as an anti-MQM police officer in 1992 as the MQM had blamed him for various fake encounters, torture and registration of fake cases against its activists. Bhadur Ali was later assassinated by "unknown terrorists" in 1993. His son Irfan Bahdur was appointed as a DSP directly by the then government as compensation. In 1995, a team of anti-MQM officers was set up by the then DIG Shoaib Saddal which included Inspector Zeeshan Kazmi, Inspector Aslam Hayat, Inspector Chaudry Aslam Khan, Inspector Sarwar Commando, Inspector Taufiq Zahid, Inspector Rao Anwar Khan, Inspector Bahauddin and Inspector Nasir Zaidi. This team was later patronized by a former IG Sindh, Maqbool Rana during the second stint of Nawaz Sharif from 1997 to 1999. These officers emerged as a sign of terror for the MQM as the latter blamed the former for unleashing a reign of extra-judicial killings of its activists. Inspector Aslam Chaudry who now has been promoted to the post of SP, had raided the MQM`s headquarters commonly known as Nine-Zero in 1999 and allegedly harrassed the party leaders present there including a former senator Aftab Shaikh. Inspector Rao Anwar had allegedly killed some accused (MQM activists) who were on remand. Rao Anwar claimed that he was taking the accused to the police station, some unidentified terrorists attacked the police vehicle. As a result, all the accused were killed but surprisingly, all the policemen remained unhurt.

Inspector Zeeshan Kazmi had earned the reputation of a police officerwho was not answerable to even the IG and DIG. These officers were also charged with receiving heavy bribes from the families of the political workers for their release. The MQM leaders by time and again had vowed to bring these officers to the justice whenever it came into power. The MQM Chief Altaf Hussein had even threatened to move to the international court of justice against the extra judicial killings. Dr Farooq Sattar, Kanwar Khalid Younas, Aftab Shaikh, Nasreen Jalil and others used to hold successive press conferences at Karachi Press Club during that entire period to inform the newsmen about the extra-judicial activities of these police officers. They had repeated their plans to bring these officers to the justice in the press conferences. Of course, some of them have been brought to the "justice". Inspector Zeeshan Kazmi , Inspector Aslam Hayat, Inspector Taufiq Zahid and various other police personnel known to be anti-MQM have been assassinated during last three years.

The remaining unwanted police officers have now become the blue-eyed boys of the MQM. When the incumbent Sindh government was installed in the wake of October 2002 elections, the then advisor to Chief Minister on Home Affairs, Aftab Shaikh had transferred some of these unwanted police officers including Aslam Chaudry, Irfan Bahadur, and Taufiq Zahifd to the interior of Sindh, however, no case was registered against them. A single-column news appeared in the newspapers at the advent of this year stunned the MQM workers but not the political analysts. The news was about the appointment of Chaudry Aslam as in charge of the newly established Industrial Crime Unit with DSP Irfan Bahdur , and Inspector Sarwar Commando his assistants. The latest news is that another undesirable officer Rao Anwar who had been on long leave and enjoying the festivties of federal capital, has also joined the ICU. Other Karachi operation master officers, Inspector Nasir Jafri, Inspector Bahauddin are also enjoying the impunity granted by the coalition government.

The Sindh Interior Minister Rauf Siddiqui who belongs to MQM has "no words" to praise the performance of Aslam Chaudry and company. And it is understandable, as Aslam Chaudry had managed to arrest the former underworld don. Shoaib Khan a few months ago, who had allured hundreds of MQM workers. Shoaib Khan, once an untouchable, died in Central Jail Karachi in mysterious circumstances. This situation is embarrassing and antagonizing for the MQM activists who have to defend their party, which is patronizing the "killers" of their friends and partymen. They are unable to comprehend that why their party has legitimized the extra-judicial killings of its activists? Rauf Siddiqui and other MQM leaders have no idea that how pinching it is for their party workers when they (MQM leaders) praise and patronize the police officials who earlier had been declared "butchers" and "killers" of their friends and colleagues. But they should understand that this is politics wherein , the blood of ordinary political workers is not thicker than water. Their blood is meant for being exploited by their leaders. Ends

1- Families of missing Muttahida men assured of help By Our Reporter

2- Holy Quran.

3- Riayd-us-Swaleheen by Imam Nuwvi {Rehmatullah Aleh} [Hadiths].

4- Legitimizing the extra-judicial killings PAK TRIBUNE REPORT Tuesday November 01, 2005 (1208 PST)

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