Monday, October 20, 2008

Veracity of Tabari's Islamic History - 50

aijaz alamdar wrote:

Dear Aamir Sahab

Its not necessary that if Naqavi Sahib agree with one Bukhari hadith then he should accept all the ahadith by Bukhari--The way you put this objection reflect your narrow mind & low level of intellect--The word Sahi is not used by shia. Regarding Mauwiah being maloon & should be cursed by Allah & His Angels is not by virtue of one hadith against this maloon ibn-e-maloon- -its history which is consistent with his evil character.


Dear Alamdar Sahab,

Then why did Hazrat Hassan and Hussein [May Allah be pleased with them] accepted Hazrat Muawiyah [May Allah be pleased with him]'s Khilafa and they were both used to receive very heavy annual amount from Hazrat Muawiyah [May Allah be pleased with him].

You are very fond of History, I will be quoting History. Bukhari's Hadith was sufficient for me that Hazrat Hassan [May Allah be pleased with him] made peace with Hazrat Muawiya [May Allah be pleased with him] and Hussain [May Allah be pleased with him] also accepted that Khilafa.

Shia and Sunni Sources on Hasnain's acceptance of Muawiyah's Khilafa:

[Akhbar Al Tawal Al Denwary page 234, Tabari Page 62 Volume 6, Al Imama Wal Siyasa page 173, Maqtal Abi Mikhnaf page 4 published in Najaf]

Hazrat Muawiya [May Allah be pleased with him]'s Excellent Treatment with Hasan and Hussain [May Allah be pleased with both of them]:

Hussain used to go with Hasan to meet Muawiyah in Damascus and at one stance Muawiyah gifted 2 Million Dirham to both and at anothe ocassion he gifted Hazrat Hasan 4 Million Dirham [Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya by Ibn Kathir Page 150 and Page 127 Volume 8] This narration is confirmed by Ibn Abi Al Hadid (Mutazilli Shia) in his translation of Nehjul Balagha page 823 Volume 2] and this further confirmed by Extremist Shias like Abu Mikhnaf in his book Maqtal Abi Mikhnaf page 7].

Should I quote as to how bravely Hazrat Hussain [May Allah be pleased with him] fought under the command of Yazid Bin Muawiyah [May Allah have mercy on his soul] in Constantinople. I will quote Shia sources of History you praise.

Note: Maqtal Abi Mikhnaf is a book by Abu Mikhnaf specially written on Karbala Tragedy and from Tabari to present day Speakers of Shia Majlis, this book is quoted for narrating the Tragedy of Karbala.

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